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Obscure PII

The Obscure PII features allows you to fully obscure identifying participant information. Enabling this feature will mask participants' screen names, first names, last names, and email addresses. All participants will be assigned an automatic and randomly generated PII number and the system will block users from uploading an avatar photo.

This feature can be turned on before or after the participant list is uploaded, allowing you to choose the optimal time.


If Obscure PII is enabled prior to loading participants into the study and before inviting other team members, your upload will automatically obscure the following fields upon saving:

  • Screen Name (1)
  • Email (2)
  • “First name” and “last name” fields will be left out of the view entirely

If Obscure PII is enabled after participants have been loaded into the study, all of their identifying information will be immediately updated. Should there already be participant responses in the system, any previously submitted data will take 24 hours to fully update. All new information will be automatically updated.


When viewing data in Explore, all responses will display the user’s randomly assigned PII screen name (1) and will mask identifying information (2) in their user snapshot.

Participants will be automatically assigned an obscured screen name. This screen name is not editable. If you wish to track a screen name, participant recruitment number, or any other tracking number, please upload it as a custom field in the participant profile (3). For information on custom profiles, please refer to the Creating Custom Profile Fields article. All custom profile fields uploaded in a PII study will be visible to both researchers and observers.

Please reach out to us at should you have any questions or if you would like Obscure PII implemented for your project.

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