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FV Revelation Participant Mobile App

Revelation is one of our unique qualitative research platforms that allow clients to uncover consumer behaviors with the ease and engagement of their favorite social media app. It’s the best solution for mobile diaries, insight communities and bulletin boards.

The Revelation Participant Mobile Application has been rebuilt!

This application rebuild allows us to align our mobile application with our web platform to offer more varied collector types for mobile activities all while offering an improved participant user experience.

rev_participant_mobile_app _001.png

What to expect:

  • The Participant Mobile App Interface has a new look! Participant user experience improvements will reduce confusion while navigating the application.
  • Additional collector options:  Our mobile activities will now support the same collectors as the web-based activities. Collectors include:  Paragraph and single line text, website, date, photo, file, video, number, single choice, multiple choice, drop-down, time, and number.
  • New and Improved Video:  Video collectors will now accept more than one video! Also, the in-app video recorder has no limit to video length.
  • Better integration with Decipher:  Our mobile app will support Decipher survey links which was formerly only supported on the web-based platform.
  • New Languages:  We’ve added to the Revelation list of supported languages. We now offer Finnish, Tagalog, and Norwegian Bokmal.

Note: The Participant Web Interface is not affected by this update.

If you have any questions about the update, please contact us at:   

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