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Revelation Automated Video Transcription

Revelation now offers automated machine transcripts for English video!

Enabling your projects with automatic machine transcripts for your English video is as simple as a touch of a button, but the benefits are huge. Once enabled, all English video is automatically provided a text transcript directly beneath the video.


Researchers have the opportunity to edit the video transcript text in all Explore views. When hovering over the video transcript text, an edit button will appear to the right. To make an edit, simply click “edit”, apply changes to text, and “update transcript”. Edited text will immediately apply throughout the platform views.


All English video transcripts are compatible with the Revelation Word Tree. Now, you can incorporate your video content more easily while analyzing your data.


Transcription accuracy is dependent on multiple factors. It is always a good idea to prep participants with  pointers to improve their video recordings. We recommend the following:

  • Speak clearly
  • Don’t talk too fast
  • Speak into the microphone
  • Avoid too much background noise

To inquire about about adding automated transcripts to your project or for additional information, please contact your FocusVision Account Manager or reach out to

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