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How to Transfer Video From a Digital Device to a Computer

Uploading video files from an Android device to a personal computer:

  1. Connect the Android phone to the computer using a USB cable.
  2. On the Android phone, pull down the notification window and tap "USB connected."
  3. A notification window will appear. Tap Mount. The phone will enter USB storage mode.
  4. Find the removable storage drive. On a PC, navigate to My Computer and look for a new removable storage drive. On a Mac, the drive will appear on your desktop.
  5. Open the "DCIM" folder, and find the video, then Drag-and-drop the video to the desktop.
  6. In the phone’s notification window, tap Turn off USB storage.
  7. Unplug the mobile device.

Uploading video files from an iOS device to a personal computer:

You can import pictures/video from your iOS device using iPhoto (if installed):

  1. Connect the device to your computer. iPhoto should automatically launch into its import window with your device’s images and videos listed.
  2. Click Import All. If you want only some of your images imported, select the images and videos you would like to import into iPhoto, then click the Import Selected button.
  3. When the files finish importing, you will be presented with a dialog asking whether you’d like to delete the original photos from your Camera Roll. Click Delete Photos to remove the images if desired.

If you do not have iPhoto installed on your computer, you can import pictures from the device using Image Capture:

  1. Connect the iOS device to the computer.
  2. If Image Capture does not open automatically, you can navigate to your Applications folder and open Image Capture from there.
  3. Choose the location to which you’d like to import pictures.
  4. Click Options.
  5. Click the Options tab if it isn’t already selected.
  6. Enable the option "Delete items from camera after downloading."
  7. Click OK.
  8. Click Download All.

Uploading video files from an iOS device to a Windows computer:

  1. Connect your iOS device to the computer. If the AutoPlay window appears, click "Import Pictures and Videos using Windows," then skip to step 4. Note: If the AutoPlay dialog box does not automatically open, you may need to enable the behavior.
  2. Choose: Start > Computer.
  3. Right-click the logo for your device and click Import pictures and videos.
  4. Click the Import Settings link.
  5. In the resulting window, you can change the folder to which your Camera Roll’s photos will be imported by clicking the Browse button next to the "Import to" field. By default, these will be imported to the "My Pictures" folder.
  6. After setting your import options, click OK to dismiss the window.
  7. Choose a tag if desired and click Import. This screen appears only while the import process is active.
  8. Once the import is complete, Windows Photo Gallery will launch with your photos and videos highlighted under the "Recently Imported" section.

If you find you cannot transfer files using the Windows File Import, you can use Windows Explorer instead:

  1. Connect the iOS device to the computer.
  2. Choose: Start > Computer.
  3. Double-click the logo for the device to browse its camera folders.
  4. Navigate to [iOS device]/Internal Storage/DCIM/100APPLE
  5. Manually copy the content in this folder to your computer, wherever you would like to store it.
  6. Disconnect your device.
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