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The VI Home Page


Welcome to Video Insights! The home page is what you’ll find whenever you log into the platform, and you can view all of the projects you have access to directly from this page.


1: Navigating the Home Page

On the bottom right, you’ll see a list of the projects that you have most recently accessed. To see a full list of your projects, simply select "View All" from the drop-down menu.

The following options are also available on the home page:
  • Search: Search across all of your projects by entering in a keyword or a phrase. This search will comb through not only project titles and video titles but also clip notes, tags and your video transcripts.
  • Workspaces: On the bottom left, you’ll see any workspaces you’ve created. Workspaces are a great tool to curate your findings and collaborate with colleagues. Select a workspace to jump right in, or click "My Work" at the top to view all of your workspaces at once.
  • Ideas & Insights: Click "Ideas and Insights" to go right to the Ideas and Insights page. This page displays content that has been shared by everyone who has access to your company. From here, you can see what your colleagues are working on and share your own content.
  • Downloads: Under your name, you’ll find an area to customize your profile and access any queued downloads.

The home page is customizable as well, so please reach out to your Project Manager if you would like to adjust the logo or change the welcome message for your company.

If you get lost while navigating through the VI portal, simply click "Home" in the top toolbar and you’ll be redirected back to this screen.

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