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Project Summary Page



Welcome to your project summary page! This page gives you a good outline of what has been imported into your project so far:

1. Project Background and Objectives: Allows you to customize the project. Clicking "Edit Project Info" will bring you to the project design page, where you can add an image and a project description, along with project-level tags (meta tags).

2. About This Project: Includes all of the meta tags that you’ve applied to the project. You can use these later to pull up this specific project when combing through your library of research. This section also displays a count of the total number of responses or sessions that you have, the number of clips that have been created from those responses, documents that have been uploaded, and the total number of playlists that have been shared at the project level. You can click directly on these links at any time to jump to those full responses or clips.

3. Studies: Lists all studies that are in place for the project. This may be as simple as “Video Upload”, or you may also see a breakout of all your project days. Use the plus buttons here to show more information regarding each study.

4. Insights & Reports: Includes any reports that have been uploaded to the project. This area here is where you can view and pull up any final reports or insights that are shared with everyone who has access to the project.

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