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Accessing Live Sessions Through Video Insights

Note: Live sessions are only viewable for InterVu and Video Streaming projects.

There are two methods of accessing a live session through the Video Insights platform.

The first is through the Home page by selecting the live session you would like to view under “Today’s Sessions":


The alternative method is through the project's Summary page. First, find the project you are looking for through the Home page or by clicking “View All” under the “Projects” menu. Once you have selected the project that includes the live session you would like to join, navigate to the project's Summary page, find the live session, and select “Join":


Once the live session is selected, you will be redirected to either the InterVu or Video Streaming platform. If your session is through InterVu, you will be prompted to select your role as either a moderator or client viewer:


If you are viewing a Video Streaming project, you will be prompted to select “Remote” or “Backroom” and click “Join”, depending on whether you are at the interview facility or viewing from a remote location:


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