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Analyzing Videos



The Analyze tool provides you with the ability to dive deeper into your data and organize your findings through creating clips, supplying analysis notes and applying tags.

1: Applying Tags

On the right side of the Analyze menu, you’ll find three categories of tags to apply:

  1. Participant Tags: These tags apply to every video that is listed under the participant and usually include demographics such as gender, age, etc..
  2. Response Tags: These tags are applied to the response as a whole.
  3. Clip Tags: Once you create a clip, you’ll see a green button to apply the "clip tag". Clip tags are the most granular and apply to just that specific portion of the response. To apply meta tags, navigate back to the project design page under your setup menu.

2: Status Bar

The status bar up at the top of the menu helps you keep track of the progress colleagues have made in your analysis. Any new response is added with "New" status by default. If you are working on analyzing a video, simply change the status to "In Progress" to let others know. Once a video has been thoroughly analyzed and you feel there is no more content to pull from the response, you can change the status to "Complete".

You can look at the status of all your videos using the filter tool in the advanced search menu. You'll also see a total count of “Complete” videos on the Collection Status page.

3. Creating a Clip

To create a clip, click within the video to pull up the clipping tools. If your video has transcripts, you can use the cursor to select any portion of text that you would like to turn into a clip. If you don't have transcripts, use the green start and red stop flags to adjust the start and end time of the clip.

Once you've created a clip,you can use the play/pause clip button on the right to jump to the start of the clip:

Finally, any granular adjustments can be made by clicking within the time signatures and adjusting these with the up and down arrow keys.

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