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Downloading Project Files



The "Downloads" page allows you to bulk download the full responses or audio files you have saved for a project.

1: Adding Downloads

Before you can download any project files, you will first need to add them to your download queue. To access the queue menu, select "Downloads" under "Tools":

From here, you can choose to queue project videos, audio files, or transcripts:

1.1: Queuing Videos

To queue a batch of videos, click "Participant Video". In the video window, select the grouping and assignments or participants you would like to download, then click "Add to Queue":

1.2: Queuing Transcripts

To queue transcripts, click "Transcripts". In the transcript window, use the "Assignment" and "Participant" filters to find the files you are looking for. Then, click either "Download TXT" or "Download CSV" to set the format for your download file:

A pop-up box will appear confirming the download. Click the "OK" button to add this file to your download queue.

Tip: To obtain a Microsoft Word copy of your transcripts, be sure to select "Download TXT" when queueing your download. Once the TXT version of the transcript files are downloaded to your computer, open the Word application, select "Open..." and choose the TXT transcript file. From here, Word will convert the file from a TXT to a word document.

2: Accessing your Downloads

Once you have added files to your queue, you can access them at any time from the home page. To view previously queued files, select “Downloads” in the drop-down menu under your name:

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