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How do I create a clip?

To create a clip, first navigate to the Search page and select the “Responses” Tab. From there, click on the blue pencil (editor) button located under each of the videos’ thumbnails.

  • From the Analyze:Editor tool there are two ways you can edit your videos:
    • Editing videos with transcripts – If your video has a transcript added, you can simply highlight a part of the text, and this will automatically cut that part of the video.

    • Editing videos without transcripts – If your video does not have a transcript, you can use the start and end flags on the video progress bar to select the part you want to clip. You also have the option to set the exact starting and ending timestamps of your clip through the Set Start and Set End fields under the video progress bar. Simply click within these time signatures and use the up and down arrow keys to make adjustments.

  • You can then add a title, notes and tags and save your newly created clip.

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