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How to Add Multiple Users


Depending on the size of your team, you may need to add multiple users to a project. If multiple users share the same project role, you can add them all at once using a comma-separated list within the "Project Members" tab.

You will still need to add users one by one when you are adding users with different project roles.

Adding Multiple Users

Follow the steps below to add multiple users with the same project role:

  1. Gather all user email addresses in a text document. Addresses should separated by a comma, with no additional spaces.

  2. Navigate to your project in VI, then click "Setup" and select "Project Members":


  1. In the Project Members tab, click "Add Member".

  2. Copy and paste all of the email addresses from your text document into the project invitation box:


  1. Choose a project role for all users from the "Roles" drop-down:


  1. Click "Save". If there are no errors, each user will be added successfully.


I’m adding multiple users and I keep getting an error message.

If you are receiving an error message, check to make sure there aren’t any additional spaces or any extra commas in your email list. If there are, remove the extra spaces and attempt to save again.

A common error is adding a comma after the last email in the list; a comma is not needed after the last email.

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