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Restricting Access to Visual PII


Certain markets, particularly in the EU and Japan, restrict who can and cannot view non-anonymized participant videos. Video Insights provides controls that enable users to restrict access to visual PII when needed.

Setting PII Control

Option 1: Disabling PII at the project level

If you need to restrict access to PII on a batch of videos at once (for instance, if you know all your content comes from research conducted in the EU), this is the most efficient way to do it.

  1. From the project page, click the “Video Settings” link in the “Setup” menu.


  1. Make sure “Observers are permitted to view personally identifiable information” is deselected, and click “Save.” You’ll need to do this for each study in the project for which PII control needs to be set.


Once you have completed this process, any new videos archived in your project will be PII-controlled.

Note: PII control is not retroactive and will not be applied to videos archived in the past.

Option 2: Disabling PII at the response level

If you need more granular control (i.e., some, but not all, videos in a study need to be PII-controlled), or if you do not set PII controls on the project level after your content has been archived, control can be set on individual responses.

  1. From the project search page, find the video(s) requiring PII control and click the thumbnail of each video to view it.

  2. Click “Disable PII for Observers".


Removing PII Control

PII control may be removed to allow all project members to see the non-anonymized video. In these cases, the process to remove PII control is as follows:

  1. Find the response(s) for which you’d like to remove PII control and click to view them.

  2. Click “Enable PII for Observers”.

  3. Confirm or cancel.


Using the Project Observer Role to Restrict Access

The steps above flag videos for PII control, but you’ll still need to determine who should and should not see the full, non-anonymized video. Video Insights has a role called “Project Observer” specifically for this purpose.

If a project member should only see the PII-controlled (anonymized) version of a video, they’ll need to be given the Project Observer role. Click here for more information on adding users in VI.

Project members can be invited solely as Project Observers if they only need limited access to a project. The Project Observer role can also be combined with higher-level roles, like Admin, if the project member needs fuller project permissions, but needs to see the restricted view of applicable videos.

When a Project Observer tries to watch a PII-controlled video, they’ll see the following:


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