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Welcome to Video Insights! This platform simplifies the management of your research assets by enabling you to quickly transcribe and translate videos, upload images and other research assets, and build a meaningful, living digital summary of your projects. Video Insights also features a range of advanced analytics tools, making it easier to interrogate data, answer questions, and collaborate with your stakeholders while connecting with customers.

In the guide below, you’ll find a full-length training video that walks you through the entire Video Insights platform, as well as detailed information on the main areas and features of the platform.



Accessing a Project

To select a project, click on “Projects” in the upper right and choose your project from the drop-down. If you do not see your project in this list, you can select “View All” and then search for a specific project by name or project number. 


Once you've selected your project, you can view the “Summary” page for a quick, organized snapshot of the specific project, including the project title, description, and cover image.


Editing Project Details

To update the project name, description and / or cover image, select “Edit Project Info” or go to the “Setup” menu and select “Project Design”:



Conducting a Basic Search

From the Home page search bar, input keyword(s) into the Search field and select “All projects” or a specific project name from the drop-down. Then click the magnifying glass:  


Note: If searching for a specific phrase within the transcripts, include quotations around the phrase.

The basic search results  menu offers several sorting and display options. By default, the results display all project content but can also be sorted based on projects, reports, files, highlight pages, playlists, clips, and full responses.

There are also some blue and red icons below the thumbnail for the following quick links:


1. Create: Add content to a Workspace.

2. Edit:  Analyze and edit content (add tags and create clips).

3. Share:  Provide a link to share specific content with others. Anyone with the link can access the content.

4. Download:  Download specific content.

5. Delete:  Remove specific content.

To open an asset, click the content thumbnail. Here, you can watch a video and read the transcript. Menu options display in the upper right. Click "Analyze" to add tags and make clips:  


Conducting an Advanced Search

From the Home page, click the Search button at the top or "Advanced Search" to further drill down into your data:


The Advanced Search menu can also be accessed from the “View Content” page:


The Advanced Search menu allows you to search using the following filters:

  • Dates of research: Date the research was uploaded to the platform
  • Favorites: Any content that has been designated as a favorite
  • Media type: Filter by image, text, and or video
  • Project: Search for a specific project or across multiple projects
  • Tags (if taxonomy has been created)

On the left, select from the "General" and "Advanced Search" categories. After filters are set, click "View Results":  


Note: Advanced Search Categories will only appear if a custom taxonomy framework was created in the language of your business. Please contact your Customer Success Manager for more information on taxonomy creation.

Filtering and Sorting Content

Once you have completed your basic or advanced search, there are additional tools to help you filter and sort your content.

Regardless of whether you are searching across all content, responses, or clips, on the top of the search page you’ll find a number of different headers by which to sort your results:


1. All Results: The total number of results that are displayed.

2. Projects: The total number of projects that are displayed.

3. Reports & Files: The number of documents or images that have been uploaded to the project.

4. Highlights: The number of highlights that have been shared with everyone who has access to the project.

5. Playlists: The number of playlists that have been shared with everyone who has access to the project.

6. Clips: The number of clips that are listed below.

7. Responses: The total number of full video, image, and text files that have been uploaded.

Click each header to narrow down your results based on that response type.

Once you’ve narrowed down the search page to the content you would like to view, you can sort the content by your searches. By default, the videos are displayed by relevance, but you can also adjust the view to show these based on alphabetical order, date, favorites, or the video’s review status, which can be changed in the editor tool.

Sharing Clips and Responses from the Search Page

If you would like to share a response or clip from the search page, click the blue “Share” icon and copy the share link. This link can be shared with anyone, including people who are not Video Insights users.


Creating a Video Clip

From the displayed search results, click "Responses". Then click the "Editor" icon:


In the open response, select the "Play" button to begin the clip creation process. There are four methods to designate the start and end times for a clip:

  1. Highlight text in the transcript
  2. Drag the green and red flags to the beginning and end of the clip. The green flag represents the beginning and the red flag represents the end.
  3. Select the “Set Start” and “Set End” fields and enter the times at which you would like the clip to start and end.
  4. Highlight the hour, minute, second, or millisecond start / end times and use the up and down arrows on your keyboard to adjust the start and end times. This is also a great way to get a more processed start / end time after following one of the above methods.


Give the clip a title, add notes if desired, and click "Save". Then click the right arrow to get to the next response.


Downloading Content

Content can be downloaded in a few different ways.

From the View/Search Page

When viewing content in the View Content page (full responses, reports & files, highlight pages, and / or clips), click the "Download" icon. Full responses and files will download directly to your desktop.


When downloading clips, the downloads are sent to a queue and you will receive an email notification when the download is complete. You can also go to your name drop-down in the top right and select "Downloads" to go to your queue. Once the download is complete, a link will be generated to download the actual content.


Example Download Queue:


From the Downloads Page

The “Downloads” page under the “Tools” menu can be used to download full video, audio, and transcript files.


Once you have selected the content that you want to download and have clicked “Add to Queue”, go to your name drop-down and click “Downloads.”


From the Files Page

The Files page contains all text files, such as PDF, PowerPoint, and Microsoft Word documents, as well as images. Click “Files” in the menu:


On the Files page, click “Actions” and select “Download":


Creating a Workspace

Follow the steps below to create a workspace - a place for creating, editing and collaborating on projects:

1. Click "My Work" in the upper menu bar:


Workspaces can also be accessed from the Home page, under the Search bar. Recent workspaces are visible from the Home page; select “view all” to see all workspaces that have been created or to create a new one.


2. Click "Create Workspace":


3. Enter the workspace details and then click "Save Changes":


Adding Content to a Workspace

Once you’ve searched and modified your content, select your specific asset(s) and click the “Add to Workspace” button. You can add an individual asset or all assets at once.


Clips and responses can also be added directly from the content viewing / editing screens. To add a response to a workspace, select the video thumbnail to view the response. Next, click the “Add to Workspace” button in the top right. You can add the response to an existing workspace or create a new one by typing in the name for the new workspace:


To add a clip to a workspace directly from the editing environment, create the clip and select “Save”. Next, select the pencil icon next to the clip and then select the “Add to Workspace” button:


Inviting Others to a Workspace and Assigning Access Rights

To invite other uses to a workspace, first click "My Work", then click the workspace you’d like to open. In the Members section in the lower right, enter the email address of the invitee, then click "Invite". Once a member has been added, designate "Editor" or "Viewer" rights depending on the level of access you wish to grant them.


Downloading Content From a Workspace

From a workspace, click the image of any asset to open it up:


For playlists, click the "Download" link. A pop-up will appear with two download options. Both options will download the playlist in MP4 format.


To download video clips, click the "Download" link.  A message with a link to your downloads will appear at the top of the screen.


To download files, images, or video responses, click the "Download" link. These will download directly to your desktop. Files and images will download in their original format.


Creating a Playlist

Follow the steps below to create a playlist - a highlight reel of video clips.

1. Open a workspace, then click the "Playlist" icon in the Create section:


2. Drag and drop any video clips from the Available Content section into the Playlist Timeline.  

If desired, reorder the clips and insert custom clip or playlist captions. Clips can also be adjusted to be shorter or longer by dragging the brackets next to “Clip Length.” To move from one clip to another, use the numbered bars representing each clip under the Playlist Timeline.

Once the playlist is ready, name it and click Save.


3. Finalizing your playlist will stitch the clips together into a single video. To finalize your playlist, check that Continuous Play is on and click "Save". Then click "Finalize". In the pop-up that appears, click "Finalize Now":


Note: The finalizing process can take upwards of 60 minutes, depending on the amount of content added to the playlist.

Creating a Highlight

Follow the steps below to create a highlight - an online multimedia report for visual storytelling.

  1. Open a workspace, then click the "Highlight" icon in the Create section:


  1. Give your highlight a name, description, and cover image. Then click the "Layouts" tab and choose a layout from a variety of templates.

  2. Click the "Content" tab, then drag and drop research assets into the template. Add supporting text next to the assets. Once you are satisfied with your selections, click "Preview" to see the final layout. Then click "Save":


Note: Please note that when previewing a highlight page, do not click the “x” in the top right corner. Click “Edit Highlight” and then click "Save".

Collection Pages

A Collection is a space where you can aggregate unlimited content to share with your colleagues at a company-wide level to inspire your team with the voice of the customer. It also allows you to organize information in an engaging way, so your team can quickly access the right information and then make better decisions. A Collection typically includes content related to a particular theme, but is less refined than a Highlight.  


Building a Collection

Building a collection is as easy as dragging content available on the right side of the screen into the box on the left:


From here, you can also add in a short description, choose or upload a cover image, and name your collection to reference later:


Sharing Content from a Workspace

From a workspace, click on "Share" link on the preview tile of any asset. A shareable URL appears which can be copied and emailed to others.


For enterprise clients, playlists, highlights, and collections can also be shared with all project or enterprise users in the Insights & Ideas section. Open a playlist or highlight and click "Edit" under "Options":


Click the "Share" button. A pop-up appears with three sharing options. Select any or all of these options. If the “In Projects” and / or the “Entire Company” options are checked, an email with a link to the shared asset will be sent from FV Video Insights to the project users and / or any enterprise users. The asset will also appear in the Ideas & Insights section for those users.


The Ideas & Insights section displays playlists, highlights, and collections (groups of assets). Select a filtering option and / or search by title. Click the preview tile to open the playlist, highlight, or collection.


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