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All the topics, resources needed for Video Insights.

FocusVision Knowledge Base

Quick Start Guide

Accessing a Project

1. Click "Projects" in the upper right and choose your project from the drop-down menu.


2. View the Summary page for a quick, organized snapshot of the specific project.


Uploading a Video

1. Videos can be uploaded to a study by navigating to the Tools menu from the project Summary page and clicking "Upload Video".


2. From the Video Upload page, insert a title, select the project you would like the video categorized under, and then click "Select a Video". Once the video has uploaded, you'll see a green confirmation bar.


Conducting a Basic Search

1. Input keyword(s) into the search field and select “All projects” or a specific project name from the drop-down menu. Then click the magnifying glass.


2. The basic search results offer several sorting and display options.


3. To open an asset, click the image. Here, you can watch a video and read the transcript. Menu options display in the upper right. Click "Analyze" to add tags and make clips. 


Conducting an Advanced Search

1. From the Home page, click "Advanced Search" to drill down further into your data.


2. On the left, select from the "General" and "Advanced Search" categories. After filters are set, click "View Results".  


"Advanced Search" categories will only appear if a custom taxonomy framework was created in the language of your business.

Creating a Video Clip (with a transcript)

1. From the displayed search results, click "Responses" and then click the editor icon.


2. In the open response, highlight text in the transcript to create a video clip. Give the clip a title, add notes if desired, then click "Save". Click the right arrow to get to the next response.


Creating a Video Clip (without a transcript)

1. From the displayed search results, click "Responses" and then click the editor icon.


2. In the open response, set the start and end points by dragging the green and red flags on the player. Fine tune with the "Set Start" and "Set End" time signatures. Give the clip a title, add notes if desired, then click "Save". Click the right arrow to get to the next response.


Creating a Workspace

A Workspace is a place for creating, editing, and collaborating.

1. Click "My Work" in the upper menu bar.


2. Click "Create Workspace".


3. Enter workspace details and then click "Save Changes".


Adding Content to a Workspace

Once you’ve searched and modified your content, select your specific asset(s) and click the “Add to Workspace” button. You can add an individual asset or all assets at once.


Inviting Others to a Workspace

Click "My Work", then click the workspace you’d like to open. In the "Members" section in the lower right, enter the email address of the invitee, then click "Invite". Once a member has been added, designate "Editor" or "Viewer" rights depending on the level of access you wish to grant.


Creating a Playlist/Highlight Reel

1. Open a workspace, then click the "Playlist" icon in the "Create" section.


2. Drag and drop any video clips from the "Available Content" section into the "Playlist Timeline". Reorder the clips and insert custom clip or playlist captions, if desired. Name it and click "Save".


3. Finalizing your playlist will pull the clips together into a single video. To finalize your playlist, check that "Continuous Play" is on, click "Save", then click "Finalize". When the pop-up appears, click "Finalize Now".


Creating a Highlight/Online Multi-Media Report

1. Open a workspace, then click the "Highlight" icon in the "Create" section.


2. Give your highlight a name, description, and cover image. Click the "Layouts" tab and choose from a variety of templates.


3. Click the "Content" tab, then drag and drop research assets into the template. Add supporting text next to the assets. Click "Preview" to see the final layout, then click "Save".


Downloading Content from a Workspace

1. From a workspace, click the image of any asset to open it up. 


2. For playlists, click the "Download" link. A pop-up will appear with two download options. Both options will download in MP4 format.


3. To download video clips, click the "Download" link. A message with a link to your downloads will appear at the top of the screen.


4. To download files, images or video responses, click the "Download" link. These will download directly to your desktop. Files and images will download in their original format.


5. For video clips and playlists, an email with a link to your "Downloads" section will be sent.  


Sharing Content from a Workspace

1. From a workspace, click the "Share" link on the preview tile of any asset. A shareable URL can be copied and emailed to others.


2. For enterprise clients, playlists and highlights can also be shared with all project or enterprise users in the "Insights & Ideas" section. To share items, open a playlist or highlight and click "Edit" under "Options".


3. Click the "Share" button. A pop-up will appear with 3 sharing options. Select any or all of the options. If “In Projects” and/or “Entire Company” options are checked, an email with a link to the shared asset will be sent from Video Insights to the project users and/or enterprise users. The asset will appear in the "Ideas & Insights" section for those users.


4. The "Ideas & Insights" section displays collections (groups of assets) and highlights. Select a filtering option and/or search by title.  Click the "Preview" tile to open the Collection/Highlight.


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