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Search Overview


Search is the foundation of the Research Intelligence platform. We want you to be able to ask questions of your data, and find the content that will generate answers within minutes, not days or weeks. It all starts with the ability to easily access your content.

1: Search Functionality

There are a few important things to know about how items are found within Search:

  • The system uses Tags to find relevant search results.  All content can be organized using tags, ensuring the right items are included within the search results.

  • The system indexes and catalogs all content within each search asset so that the right items are found.  If you search for specific keywords, the system will find documents, PDF files, and videos which contain those matching words.  
  • The system uses content Names & Descriptions to find relevant search results.  When adding content to the platform, users have the ability to name and describe the item.  These names and descriptions will help the system identify the most relevant content to include in search results.

2: Tips & Tricks

Here are a few tips & tricks to be aware of when using Search:

  • The Advanced Search allows you to explore ALL of a company's tags, providing a macro view of the way the research data has been organized.  Filters can be used to narrow the search results to the specific type of content desired.

  • Results can display as Tiles or in List View, for users who want more context around the content.  Simply click the 'list' icon below the Search button to display the List View.
  • Saving a Search is a useful tool to view content that meets the specific parameters of a particular search.  Any filters applied or keywords used will be saved so you will always see content that's been added to the platform that meets the saved search criteria.

We've tried to build a very intuitive and user-friendly Search tool.  If your experience is anything other than that, please contact us and let us know the difficulty you're having.

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