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Refining My Search Results


There are a variety of ways to refine your search results.  

1: Using Keywords

Most users start by entering keywords to find targeted content:

 To get the most out of your keyword search...

  • Add quotes around keywords ("shopping list"), results will include content that includes that exact phrase.
  • Add the word AND between keywords (shopping AND list AND store), results will contain content that includes all of those words, but not necessarily in that order.
  • Add the word NOT between keywords (shopping NOT list), results will contain content that includes the first word, but not the second.

2: Additional Options

Looking for a specific type of research content? Just click on the type of content (from raw responses to curated, final reports) and your results will only include that type of research asset.

To sort your results, simply choose the order you would like to view the items. You can sort your results alphabetically, by most recently updated in the system, or by relevance.

If you want to get more advanced, visit the Advanced Search page. There, you can explore the taxonomy used to organize your research assets, then add filters to narrow your search by topic, demographic, or other categories.

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