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Advanced Search



The advanced search bar on the left hand side of the search page will take you to a number of search filters that are designed to help you easily narrow, or expand your search results.

1: Project Filters

Project Filters allow you to filter your search based on assignment, participant, study, etc.:


For example, if you just want to see the videos that are connected with a certain participant or videos that come from a certain assignment, just click on the selection to view the total filtered results on the right.

2: General Categories of Research

General Categories of Research are your meta tags, which are applied to the project as a whole and are helpful in searching through your entire library of content.

3: Advanced Search Categories

The Advanced Search Categories include any taxonomy that has been created under your company. These tags were applied to research assets based on more detailed analysis and organization. You can use the search filters here to narrow down your content by any tags that have been applied.

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