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Search Parameters, Search Tools and Saved Searches



Once you've navigated to the search page within VI, you have a variety of options for viewing your results.

Viewing Search Results

The content that will display in your search results depends on any selection you’ve made to the top header above the search bar. A description of each header is listed below:

  • Projects - A project includes all of the work associated with conducting your research. It houses all of the studies, participants, assignments, sessions, collected data, analysis and outputs that are connected to the project.
  • Reports & Files - Reports and files include all documents associated with a particular project. Examples of files include discussion guides, data tables, quantitative / qualitative reports, and screeners.
  • Highlights - A curated collection of consumer responses (video, audio, images or documents) intended to reveal key insights and observations gathered from research.
  • Playlists - A Playlist contains two or more video clips, stitched together to form a video montage. Playlists are powerful ways to bring qualitative research to life by including multiple responses in a single video.

Highlights and Playlists are only included if they are shared at the project level.

  • Clips - A Clip is a selected portion of a video, image or document which captures the relevant moment within a video or specific points or pages within a document.  Clips are typically added to Playlists, Highlights, or Collections to illuminate certain themes.
  • Responses - Responses represent the raw data from participants within a research project. Responses can be video from a Focus Group, Video Diary or Interview, images or documents.

  1. List View/Grid View: The expanded view is available in list view but you can also switch over to grid view to see the videos by their thumbnail.
  2. Favorites: You can also filter by “Favorites”. To mark an item as a favorite simply click on the star here next to the response or clip and then use the sort tool at the top (show) to pull up only the items that you’ve favorited.
  3. Editing Titles: If you would like to edit a title simply click on the pencil next to the response or clip title. This will bring up an editing bar where you can rename the response.

Saving a Search

To view an expanded version of a response, click on the image of the object within the search results to generate an overlay with additional context about the item. This overlay will display any tags that were used to organize the object and the workspaces it’s been applied to.

To save a search, click "Save this search":

Saving a search allows you to save the filters used to generate a particular set of results. It’s a great way to keep your eye on a topic of interest, since all content that meets that criteria will display in your Search Results.  

It's important to note that you are NOT saving the specific items that display in your Search Results.  Rather, you are saving the parameters that were used to generate those results.  As a result, when new content that matches your filter criteria is added to the platform, you will see those items within in your Saved Search results.  

Saved Searches

To access your saved searches click on the “Saved Searches” link on the top right corner of the page:

To save a new search click on “Save this Search” once you’ve entered the applicable search criteria.

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