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Your Four Icons in Search


What can you do with items returned in Search Results?  The short answer depends.  Your account permissions determine what you are able to do with the research content you find.  

1: Search Icons

Below are some of the most used icons that are available within Search:

 Add to Workspace -  When you find content that you would like to review, edit, or add to a Highlight, Collection or Playlist, the first action you take is to Add to Workspace. A workspace is a collaborative space where you can further review and edit your content to build your story. Here is where you and your team can create playlists, highlight pages or collections to share.

Download - You are able to download your full responses, documents, as well as clips and playlists you create. Note that Playlists must first be "finalized" before they are able to be downloaded as a continuous play reel. Playlists also need to be finalized to reveal captions. The finalization process stitches multiple clips to create and play as a single video file.

Analyze - the Analyze link takes users to the Analyze:Editor tool within the platform.  It's an advanced tool, typically used by Analysts who are editing research data as it is collected within the platform, during the course of a project.

Share - allows you to send a link to a colleague that will display that item when clicked.  Content can be shared in many ways -- most often after items are added to Workspaces, edited, then curated and shared with others as Ideas & Insights.Whomever receives the share link will see just this piece of information that you copied the link from, whether that be an entire response or a short clip. One benefit of the share link is that the person who opens this link does not need a login now do they need to sort through the project, they simply go straight to this page.

Worried about an open share link? If for whatever reason you need tighter security, we can turn secure sharing on for your company, requiring anyone who views the link to have a VI account.

2: Taking Action on Multiple Items

When viewing results using the List View, you are able to impact multiple items with a single action.  When you select the items you want, buttons will appear to allow you to 'Apply Tags' or 'Add to Workspace':

This is a more efficient process when you are working with a larger number of items.

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