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Navigating Streaming Videos


The Live Viewer is a page you can use to view your live streaming project. From here, you can play and pause the video, take a look at a list of people in attendance, and make live marks during your session.

1: Viewing a Live Project

Clicking "Live Studies" will take you to a list of your scheduled and live projects. To view a live project, click the blue thumbnail and select either "Remote" or "Backroom". Then click “Join”:

You’ll find the video controls on the bottom portion of the video:

1. Pauses the video

2. Goes back 10 seconds in the video

3. Indicates how far you are through the video

4. Skips you to the live stream

5. Adjusts the playback volume of the video

6. Increases the size of the video

1.1: Making Comments

To make a comment and send a chat, simply click the "Chat & Marks" tab, enter in your comment, and then click the orange "Send" button to send your comment to all attendees:

If you’d prefer to send a private comment, navigate to the "Attendees" tab, click the attendee's name, and a box will appear where you can type your message:

1.2: Editing a keyword

To edit a keyword, click the "Edit Keywords" link below the orange "Send" button. This will open the keyword editor, allowing you to adjust the text:

1.3: Creating Marks & Speed Marks

Marks are indicators placed during the live view that you can refer to later. To create a speed mark just click the orange "Speed Marks" button and a mark will be created immediately. If you’d like to add a mark with a comment, click on the orange "Mark" button, adjust the “Mark” text to the comment you’d like to make, and then click "Send":

1.4: Viewing Attendees

To view the people who are currently attending the live view, click the "Attendees" tab in the upper right-hand corner of the page. This will display a list of the names and email addresses of the people in attendance.

1.5: Uploading Documents

Clicking the "documents" tab will display documents that have been uploaded to the live project so far. In the right-hand corner of the page, right under the word "Documents", you’ll find an orange plus icon. Click this icon to view the documents pop-up box, where you can upload additional documents. Then click the grey "select" button to upload a document directly to the live project.

If at any time you need to contact a member of our support team, just click the “Email Tech Support” link in the bottom left-hand side of the page or give them a call directly at 1-800-433-8128 Opt. 5.

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