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Highlight Pages


Highlight pages are engaging micro-reports, like toplines, but with video. They are a space that allows the consumer voice to live alongside the researcher's voice, bringing key moments of insight to life. It is intended to fuel innovation, ideation and collaboration by letting consumer vignettes tell the story.

1: Creating a Highlight

To create a Highlight you must first add content to a Workspace. From there, you can create a highlight page by clicking "Highlight" in the "Create" box on the right-hand side of the page.This will bring you to an area where you can choose your layout. In the content tab, you can see all the content that you’ve added to your workspace so far. From here, just drag the content you’d like to include into the layout you’ve chosen on the left.

Highlight pages can include any of the following:

  • Video Clips
  • Video Playlists
  • Charts & Graphs
  • Photographs
  • Images
  • Powerpoint Slides
  • Text Captured from Documents
  • Audio Files

The text boxes you see are determined by the layout you choose, but here you can add any sort of supporting text, researcher notes, or quantitative data to back up a key quote. Finally, you can add in a short description, a cover image, and a title to pull all the content together: 

2: Sharing a Highlight

While Highlight pages cannot be downloaded, they are meant to be shared with your key stakeholders. To share a highlight page or a playlist, use the "Share" button on the top section of the page:


Once selected, you’ll have the option to grab the share link to that piece of content, share it "In Projects", or share it with the "Entire Company": 

  • Get shareable link: The share link is incredibly valuable. This link can be sent to anyone whether or not they have a Video Insights Login. The link allows you to share content without having to download and send large video files.
  • In Projects: Selecting "In Projects" will share that piece of content with everyone who has access to the project.
  • Entire Company: Selecting "Entire Company" will share that piece of content with everyone who has access to your company page.
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