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Playlists are reels of clips you can share to highlight key moments voiced by your customers.

1: Creating a Playlist

From the "Create" area in a Workspace, click the "Playlist" icon to be taken to the Playlist editor page:

The content on the top of the page will display all video clips that have been added to your workspace. From here, just drag and drop to start building out your playlist:

Once you have the content in the timeline, you can edit each clip by hovering over that clip and clicking “Edit”. From here, you can adjust the start and stop times, add custom captions, and view the transcript that is connected to that part of the video.

1.1: Adding Captions

There are two options for adding captions: 

1. Clicking the "Captions" icon at the top will display all available caption codes. You can create a single caption for the entire playlist by entering one of the codes that is displayed below. Applying a code will display the information you have on file for each clip, and will change based on what clip is showing.

  1. The "Clip Caption" area on the bottom right is where you can input any text you’d like used for a custom caption. Custom captions will only apply to the specific clip you are editing. You can see any captions that you’ve added after the video has been finalized, by using the share link or after you download the playlist.   

2: Finalizing a Playlist

Don’t forget to finalize your playlist once you are done editing. Finalizing will stitch all the clips together to create one single video. This step will also apply captions so they display while viewing the video.


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