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Welcome to your workspace! Workspaces are a great tool to curate your findings and collaborate with colleagues. You can keep them private to fine tune deliverables for stakeholders, or invite in team members to work together. You can create workspaces before you begin your analysis or on the fly as you go.

The possibilities of a workspace are literally endless. Here are some important things you can find and do in a Workspace:

  • Tools to Edit Video & Documents, to pinpoint the moments of truth.
  • A place for Comments, where colleagues can discuss ideas & findings.
  • An area to Create various outputs to be shared with stakeholders.
  • A list of Members who have access to the Workspace.
  • A list of Tags that can be used to filter the content in the Workspace.  

Each workspace also includes a Create tab, with options allowing you to:

  • Create Highlights with document or video clips that bring the voice of the customer to life.  You can add your own support text to polish your idea and then share with your team.
  • Create Collections to showcase all thematic content for your colleagues to view.  Collections allow you to organize your research data by themes.  They are a great tool to inspire your team(s).
  • Create Playlists to show several different video clips with one play button.  Playlists are a great way for your team to hear many different customers' voices within a single video.

1: Creating a Workspace

From the 'My Work' area of the website, you will always be able to create a Workspace. This is useful when you know the type of content you are planning to add to a Workspace, but you have not found it yet. Simply give your Workspace a name and a brief description. Then upload a cover photo so you can easily identify this Workspace.

2: Adding Content

Once you have created a Workspace, you can start adding content immediately. To add an item to your Workspace:

1.  Click this icon () or the link to "Add to Workspace":

  • If you see the name of the Workspace to which you would like to add the item, click it.
  • If you don't see the Workspace, type into the form to search for the one you are looking for.

2.  Click the name of the Workspace.
3.  Click the 'Add' button, and your content will be added to that Workspace.

3: Updating User Access and Permissions

By default, workspaces are private to you. If you would like to add another user, simply input their email address and select either "View" or "Edit" access:

  • "View" access will give that user the ability to view and comment on your workspace.
  • "Edit" access will give that user the ability to edit, view and comment on any content. They can also invite colleagues and create Highlights, Collections and Playlists.

4: Editing Clips Already Created

If you need to edit a clip within a workspace, just click the clip you would like to edit, select “Edit Clip”, and make any adjustments you would like to the video or document. Once you are ready to save, simply select “Replace the existing clip” to save over the clip you selected or “create a new clip” if you would like to create an entirely different clip file. Remember any changes that you make within the workspace will not apply to the project.

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